My name is Anastasiia. 

I'm mother of two wonderful boys. The eldest was born in the hospital. The youngest was born at home. There are four years between them. The experience of labour and motherhood itself have changed me and my life. That's how I became a certified doula. 

With my first pregnancy I didn't know and didn't want to know anything about the labour, I didn't prepare myself. Now I understand how important and necessary the information is and I'm eager to share it with you.

It can be the preparation course about labour, relaxing and breathing techniques during the labour, breastfeeding or baby handling. You have both individual and group options. I am able to come also after the baby is born and help you during first days with anything from taking the eldest kids out for a walk or helping with the baby sling to helping around the house. It's all about comfortable and happy motherhood when you have support, care and advice. 

You can check some articles in English and the feedback from my clients on my facebook page.

I speak Russian, English and Czech.

Call me +420 774 32 4492


or find me on skype - abobruyko